Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Jilly Bean

I just wanted to let everyone know how awesome my sister is. Some of you may remember Jill. She is traveling up here to Flagstaff tonight so that her car will be available for Jeff to drive down tomorrow after his classes. Jeff is flying out Friday morning for a weekend trip to a Notre Dame game with his brothers and Dad. However, MY vacation this weekend consists of a drive down to Rocky Point with my brothers and sisters......and my two kids. (How come all MY vacations include kids??!!) Anyway, my family is leaving tomorrow morning and in order for me to go with them, we needed an extra car for Jeff to take down later -- make sense? So, I was just wanting to state publicly how glad I am to have her as my sister.

And from the looks of this picture, she thinks she's pretty cool too. Just kidding!! I took this picture after telling her to "Be serious Jill. We're at the Pearl Harbor Memorial for heaven's sake!!" -----These pictures are no comparison to the Jill in real life, or even the Jill in others' photos. For some reason, I didn't have a great one of her.


Caleb&Danielle said...

Rocky Point? I'm so jealous! Even with the kids!

Layton Clan said...

Oh Jill, I love Jill. How is she, what is she up too? I haven't seen her forever!!!

Jilly D said...

Dang am I good looking!! Just not in these pics! I am still waiting for you to find a Better one!! I know it's a hard task but I believe in you!