Tuesday, February 5, 2008


I think almost every blogger has one of these, once in a while ..........a random post about things that have been going on, just to catch up. Here is mine.

First off -- I love this show!!

Not just because these characters keep my kids entertained for 25 minutes, but they have some awesome dance moves too. Once in a while, I'll say to myself..."I wish I could dance like Pablo." ........Okay, not really, but I could take quite a few things from them if I wanted to make up a sweet dance routine.

A few weeks ago, they had an hour long show that was called "The Mighty Knights". Griffin had been anxiously awaiting it's premier because of all the previews shown. After him watching it a few times and singing, "We're knights, that's right..." all day long, I thought I'd make him a shield. Low and behold, right on Nick Jr. website, I found this printable shield and head piece.

He LOVED it!! Doesn't he look fierce?

I thought I could get away with making Kai a small shield out of a file folder, but eventually he wanted one just like Griffin's.

My next topic is just a cute picture of Kai "folding his arms". He puts the backs of his hands together in front of his chest and it turns out looking something like this:



.....is also something I'm a fan of. The boys love it too. I think because they know that even though we said, "bedtime"......when they get to take a bath, it means 15-20 more minutes of playtime before the actual "bedtime" comes.

Kai's favorite thing to do is climb up high by using this little railing. It scares me to death!! I just see him slipping down and getting hurt over and over in my head.

Griffin's recent LOVE of Spiderman has found him "climbing" on the walls of our house or the walls of the playground at the mall.

As for Jeff and I --
-- we are very boring in comparison.
I am getting bigger, of course. I'm almost 26 weeks. Which in different terms means, I'm about 5 1/2 months along. Doing great as always. I'm still working a little and just started giving piano lessons to my friends kids. I've never done it before. Any tips?

Jeff is in the process of picking where his internships will be for all of next year. There will be four total and the whole picking process is very competitive and not too clear about how they actually make the choices of which student goes where. We will know our first place by the end of this month, I think. We are hoping to stay here for the first 9 wks. then possibly get one in Williams, AZ. That would allow us to stay in Flagstaff for another 9 wks. but it would also leave me car-less at home with 3 kids while Jeff commutes back and forth each day. When final decisions are made, we may have to arrange for another car.

That's it for now. Thanks for reading!


Jennifer said...

That shield is awesome! I am going to nick jr.'s website immediately.

And I think we have the same kids. Seriously.

The Scotts said...

The Backyardagans do have cool dance moves and cool songs!! Abby was just asking to watch the new movie the other day too! I love when my kids find a show that fully entertains them for 25 minutes! Good luck on internships!

The MomBabe said...

I ♥ Backyardigans!!!

You know the other show I like? Wubbzy. He's cute.

Jen said...

the shield is pretty awesome! but I gotta say I love the little buns! that little stunt would scare me too!
Cute pictures!!

Jenny said...

Oh man, you can totally see just how excited Kai and Griffin were about the shields. I'm sure that was hours worth of excitement! Nice work! I guess it pays to be a fun mom!

Danielle said...

We don't have regular TV anymore, but when we did, I LOVED the Backyardigans. I'd put it on hoping Justin would watch so I could get stuff done but he was too young to care. You are officially a cool mom. I threw a blanket over the table once to make a fort. That's about my "cool" limit though.

And to answer your question about wipes, I just have a really small garbage can next to the changing table with a grocery sack liner. It gets taken out frequently or sprinkled with baby powder!!

I'm also really jealous about your cloth diaper store. Flag is sounding more and more appealing!