Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Tall Tales

Okay, so last night, Kai wasn't feeling too well and he went to bed a little earlier than Griffin. Since all the books we usually read are in the boys' bedroom, and we didn't want to disturb Kai, Griffin and I told stories instead. He was very excited.

So we went downstairs to the other bedroom and he got comfortable. I asked him what kind of story he wanted to hear first. "A Turtle Story", he said. So I proceeded to tell a story of the Ninja Turtles loosing their pizza. Afterwards, he said, "Was that a great story?" -- (Meaning "That was a great story" -- statement, not question). Wanting him to express his imagination, I told him to tell ME a story. He told a Ninja Turtle one very similar.

Next, I told a dinosaur story -- he followed with his own again -- then, wanting to end storytime with some happier characters, I told him a Max and Ruby story. (These are some very gentle Nickelodeon bunnies who are brother and sister.)

I told how Max and Ruby wanted cookies and milk, but they were all out of milk. So the mom gave Ruby some money to walk to the store and buy some. On the way, they passed a toy store. Max wanted to buy a toy, but Ruby said that they only had enough money for some milk. Another place they passed was a candy store -- same situation happened. They finally got to the grocery store and bought their milk, returned home, and enjoyed thier cookies and milk.

Griffin quickly said, "My turn!", after this story and continued with: "Once upon a time, Max and Ruby's mom didn't want to buy milk anymore. So she took them to the toy store and told Max he could pick out a toy. They took it up to the counter and the worker said, "YES !". And Max was sooo happy." ------- The story went about five minutes longer, but that was, by far, the funniest part.


The MomBabe said...

What? Max and Ruby have a mom? I've never seen her. Sometimes grandma comes over but Ruby seems to run the show....

The Gardner Gang said...

I know, I know..... I've never seen a mom either, but I wanted to make the story real. I can't have Griffin thinking he can just find some money and take off to the grocery store with Kai. Although that's what Ruby would have done.

Jen said...

i loved his story! i haven't ever done that w/ my kids maybe i should try it.