Friday, February 15, 2008


Griffin has a friend that kind of got him hooked on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. This was okay with me because I actually watched them growing up AND this new phase helped him pick out a toy at the store the other day (he was taking WAY too long).

Anyway, I did a menu search on our TV to see if they were still playing the cartoon now-a-days. I recorded the one episode I could find and was excited for him to watch it. This morning was the first time I watched a few minutes of it with him. Okay........ for those of you with memories like mine........these are my "TMNT":
Friendly looking and cute, right? Well, this is the image no longer. These are what the animated reptilians look like for today's kids:

Much more rough and tough........ a little scary looking, and.......THEY HAVE NO EYES! Well, kind of, but come on. What was wrong with the old guys?

So, the REAL point of my story is -- I'm not sure how many more episodes I'll let Griffin watch. He looked out the window today at some loud car driving by and yelled,

There's only one place he could have heard that ............... from the mouths of these "heros in a half-shell", down in the sewers of Manhattan.


Jen said...

I love that he yelled that. It is hilarious!! (but only cuz he is your kid and not mine!!) I hate how they have changed so many things, what happened to the days when cartoons were for kids and they were good cartoons?

Nichole said...

Funny! I also think it's funny when little kids sing "Baby Got Back" (from Shrek). But only cuz I have no kids. I don't think it'd be cute OR funny in that case.

Yeah. Um, Saturday morning cartoons are officially dead. M and I have lamented that loss for years now.

Jenny said...

Hilarious! I'm totally putting that phrase in my pocket to use later!
It's scary how fast kids pick up stuff from shows, huh!?