Wednesday, April 2, 2008


I don't get it.

I envy how some of you find the time, energy, motivation, and subject matter to blog almost every day?

I feel like...... unless I'm going to put something up on my blog that is super interesting and has great pictures to go along with it....... there's no point. I need to do more rambling though. I think it would help my mind relax and give me somewhere to write out my frustrations.


This past Sunday, I created two things I am extremely proud of. The first happened BEFORE church. Jeff was at a meeting and I got out Blokus so the boys and I could play with the pieces. Griffin and I built a fairly nice looking house, but it wasn't exciting enough for Griffin. He wanted me to make a turtle. So I did. It wasn't a NINJA turtle though, so he asked me to try again. I was worried I wouldn't be able to find pieces to work and we would have a HUGE breakdown fit. But, because of my Mom's wonderful creativity, passed onto me -- I did it.

Pretty sweet, huh.

Then AFTER church, Jeff wanted me to make a cake. And not just any cake, something we hadn't had before. So I went online and searched for a recipe that contained ingredients I already had (it being the Sabbath and all), and found one called a "Dump Cake". -- Sounds appetizing doesn't it? -- It was named that because you basically just dump all the ingredients in a bowl and stir. I DID have to borrow some chocolate chips from our friends, but I had everything else. And to my surprise it turned out really good. Personally, I think it could have cooked another 5-10 minutes and been better, but Jeff liked it and that was my main goal.

The glaze was NOT in the recipe, but how can you have a bundt cake without a nice glaze on top? The picture wouldn't have been half as pretty without it.


Jen said...

I feel so busy lately I don't feel like I have a chance to blog. I just keep up on everybody elses and forget about mine. So I too envy those mad blogging skills some seem to have. Very creative work. That cake looks yummy!!

About Us said...

I was doing my monthly visits to the normal blog sites when I noticed the point you so rightly made. Lance asked me how much I get on and check the blogs out and I said maybe every two or three weeks. It kinda made me feel bad because apparently it is on his daily "to do" list. Don't even get me started on posting stuff. I just hint to Celynda that it might be about time to do it. Oh well.

Rob said...

the baby growing on your blog kind of freaks me out. (shudder)