Sunday, April 20, 2008

Tagged by Celynda:


1. I prefer Dairy Queen over Cold Stone, Baskin Robins and Golden Spoon, however Nielsen's and Mesa Frozen come in a close second.

2. My shirts are color coded. I got this idea from my sisters. They used to do this when they roomed together. It helps me to put away my clothes faster. It goes white to black, short sleeve then long sleeve, and there's always a hanger waiting for the shirt in the exact place I took it from. Tah-dah.

3. I love to go bowling. Sometimes I'm good, sometimes not -- but I love it none the less. When we were little my mom signed up my brother and I in an after school league. At the end of the league we each got our own bowling ball. Mine was pink and I named it the "Pink Panther". It's still sitting in my hope chest, unused, because I never took the time and effort to get finger holes drilled in it.

4. I drink my milk with ice in it. I can drink it "normal" if I have to, but I don't like it.

5. One slice white bread, peanut butter, mayo, tomatoes, salt. This is one of my favorite "go-to" sandwiches when I don't know what else to eat. Don't knock it until you've tried it!

6. I have double jointed toes.(first picture) This comes in very handy (along with the length of my toes) when I need to pick something up off the ground and have a baby in my arms. I remember grossing out my family once, asking them what they thought it would be like if we only had one toe (second picture).

7. I can turn my tongue 180 degrees both ways. I was going to post my very first blog video of this, but it turned out looking kind of........... weird.

So there you go. I probably lost some respect from a few of you -- but that's me -- take it or leave it.

I tag Jenny Kempton, Jennica, Jen Reynolds, Jen Layton, Jennifer Badgett, Jen (Rob's cousin) -- and anyone else who's name starts with J-E-N. :)


Layton Clan said...

You are hilarious. I still have my pink bowling ball too!!!

We'll have to get the finger holes drilled and show some people up with some serious bowling. I'm hoping high 90's.

You're the best.


Jen said...

I color code my clothes too!! i love when other people are weird w/ me!! and very creative to tag people that start j e n!!
alright, i am on it!

Jen said...

Ha ha. love the Jen-tag.

Also laughed out loud at the one-toe picture. You remind me of my friend Amy. ( You have feet like hers. :)

Jen said...

whoops-sorry, that previous post is me, jenmo, rob's cousin.