Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Griffin's Tough Week

Last Wednesday and Friday, Griffin had a fever. Friday night, he kept complaining about his food itching. I saw a few spots and figured it was ant bites.(?) Friday night at midnight, Jeff wakes me up and leads me out into the family room where Griffin is stripped down to his underwear. He was COVERED in these red splotches. Covered!!!
Benadryl and calamine lotion seemed to help, but we weren't really sure what it was exactly. So I took him to the doctor and we were told it was hives.... an allergic reaction to something. Griffin has never had a problem before and we didn't go anywhere or eat anything unusual. After a day or so, his body got a little better but then the spots showed up on his face.
Yesterday it seemed we had hit the end of it but once again he woke up in the middle of the night with more hives.
I was freaking out!!

I had JUST washed the sheets and his pillow case -- but one would conclude it HAS to be something from his bed. Right?
The only other objects Griffin sleeps with are a Spiderman blanket he's had since Christmas and a new plush gorilla from Valentines.

Angrily, I threw the gorilla under the bed, not knowing for sure if that was the issue, but too tired to try anything else. I said a prayer and went to bed.

I anxiously waited for Griffin to wake up this morning for inspection. Can you believe it!! Not. one. spot. Gorilla is getting washed, but what if that isn't the problem? What if he's allergic to the cheap material or polyfil used to make this new beloved toy? That's trouble.

To add to this already FABULOUS week, Griffin and Kai wanted to go for a walk last night. Half way through, Griffin biffs it, and I can tell he's hurting internally as well as physically. He's done. With immediate first aid treatment needed, Griffin limping, and Kai mosey-ing behind, our "family walk pace" just wasn't cutting it. This was my solution:
Poor guy.


Jen said...

that is sad about the hives! What a mess! Glad he is better though! I love your solution to the slow walking! Sometimes we have to get creative as moms!!

Danielle said...

A few months ago Justin was getting hives all over too, mostly his feet, hands and face. I finally took him to the doctor, thinking he'd order a bunch of allergy tests or something. And he said a lot of viruses come with hives. And that was that. Sure enough, they eventually quit, but not after Charlotte got them too. But who knew? Kids always keep us on our toes!!

Rob said...

That totally sucks. Halle had food allergies when she was little. It drove us CRAZY! We had to incrementally try foods to see what it was, and make sure to never give her anything new at dinner so we didn't send her to bed and not notice her going into anaphylactic shock. Thankfully, she grew out of them, but it is enough to drive you insane trying to guess what it is.

So no ideas...just sympathy. Sorry.

Emilie said...

Way to maximize your space!!