Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Two Sisters One Heart

There was another fundraising 10k this past Saturday. It was to benefit these two adorable little girls who are conjoined twins..... Emma and Taylor Bailey.
My sister, Jillian, who has NEVER run more than 2 miles in her life did awesome!!! I was very impressed. We look forward to many more events to come.

Yes.... Jill is wearing hot pink lycra pants with a popeye-ish sort of muscle man face.

And.....yes. I'm wearing the exact same pants and jacket as last run. I just might make a tradition out of it, okay?!


Jen said...

good for you guys!! and you look super cute in your jacket and pants so you should make it a tradition!

Anonymous said...

Hey no knocking on the pants!! Or the popeye face! It has taken me a long time to perfect that face! Also TWO MILES!! Give me a little more credit then that!!! I am pretty sure I've done two and a half, thank you! And now 6.2 so there! Love ya!
P.S. What is your face doing....whistling... kissing the camera....I just can't figure it out! Haha!
(apparently I am going by that now. Love it. Thank you.)