Sunday, February 22, 2009

My mom is better than your mom !!


I really don't think I could have been sent to a better person. I mean, who else can hand-hug my head with a rubber band around three of their fingers and still pull off a great picture? No one. You have always looked great and I'm hoping a lot of your genes stay with me down the road. Thank you for the amazing childhood I had and the great example you've been.

I was going to make a list of 49 (ahem) things I love about you, but I decided to take a nap today after church and now it's 10:30pm and I'm getting tired. So you'll have to settle for the earliest memory I have of you.

~Brian could probably tell you about his birth due to his long lasting memory capability, but mine was around age 4 or 5.~

We were living in the green apartments in Flagstaff and, like every other awesome family, we owned a fold-out couch. Or hide-a-bed sofa. Us kids always asked Dad to fold us up into the couch -- and he would honor our wishes. There must have been a time when he teased us by leaving us trapped a few seconds too long or maybe even sat on us.(?) Most likely freaking out was involved. When Dad made us feel like wimps, you told him that he needed to take HIS turn. Willingly he got in, rolling his eyes, "It's not that bad." Yep...... he got stuck. You pulled and pulled, trying to get that hide-a-bed out, Brian and I right by your side. It was a long time -- 30 min. maybe. Embarrassed, both you and Dad decided it was time to get the neighbor.

I have another memory of Flagstaff -- this was my proof to my friends for a long time that you were the best mom ever. A snow storm had just come through and there was fresh powdery snow in our tiny back yard. You took our huge green tupperware bowl outside, filled it with snow then poured Kool-Aid all over it and let us eat to our hearts content.

Speaking of hearts....... I don't know why you started collecting them, but I'm glad you did. Each time I see a heart, I think of you. Sorry this turned out to be a tribute to your motherhood, you've been an influence in my life as more than just my mom. Thank you for all that you are!

YOU !!


DeWitts said...

When I hear other women complaining about their scary mother-in-laws, I just sigh a happy sigh of relief because she is the most 'chill' woman on the planet. Love you Mom! Thanks for everything!