Tuesday, March 24, 2009


It's a never ending task for all of us. But I've heard rumors of creatures who actually enjoy the laundry chore. To them, I ask for help.

Naming you "creatures"...... probably not the best way to start off. Sorry. I just need assistance in finding a system that works. I'll try anything at this point.

As of right now, my laundry gets done but it takes a few days. The folded laundry piles sometimes sit in the bedrooms just waiting for me to put them away. I think that's my least favorite part -- the putting away/recycling. Clothes that fit each child, at the present, are just piled on top of older, smaller clothes not fitting anymore.

I cringe at the thought of taking out all Griffin's "too small" clothes, packing them away in a box, just to dig them up again for Kai. I would much rather just give the clothes away and buy new ones each time. Sigh.

Like the other day, I finished PACKING all the kids clothes into their drawers (granted this was a few days after the piles were folded and made), I was relieved to have the floor visible again, and then I looked over and saw this:

"WHAT THE !?!!??.......Arrrggg"

Now.... a third of that pile might have been clean. (When Griffin dresses himself, clothes are pulled out of drawers and left on the ground. When it's time for him to clean up his room, any article of clothing found on the ground is put in the basket.) But still!!!

Please help.


shirl_han said...

Carolyn I used to lay my clothes on the table to fold then had to put them away so we could eat.!!!

Danielle said...

I hate this too. I was reading in a book written by some overachieving mom that she never folded her kids' clothes, she just let them stuff them in the drawers. So now every time I find my kids' neatly folded drawers emptied out onto the floor, I wonder why I don't do the same. It would make my life much easier.