Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Griffin's Special Day

Griffin's Pre-K class celebrates each child's birthday. If a student is NOT going to have a birthday during the school year, Mrs. Axtell still assigns a "special day" to honor them. Here is Griffin's story of his designated day yesterday.

(narrated by himself)
"When I got to school, I forgot my backpack, we better hurry [we were a little late]. Mrs. Axtell gave me a birthday crown.

They let me do hand-gel, let me do calendar, money counting,

I showed my baby pictures to my friends.

Everybody raises their hand to ask me a question.

They sang me "Happy Birthday" cowgirl style.

Mrs. Axtell wiggled my ears 5 times 'cuz I'm gonna turn 5. The end."

Spring Pictures were yesterday as well. I don't remember doing fall pictures AND spring pictures -- but I guess it's common now. I wish I would have waited on my picture purchase because the spring setup was WAY CUTE!!! But since I had my camera -- I stole a couple shots.

Check out this handsome kid!


Jen said...

what a fun day!! he looks so cute. and the background for pictures is cute too!