Monday, May 4, 2009

Katie's Prom

Katie Lady had her senior prom this past Saturday. She looked gorgeous!! I'm going to take half the credit, though because she let me do her hair and makeup (not that she needed much).


This was my first time attempting this up-do. It took me over an hour and 53 bobby pins!!(Kaite's got A LOT of hair.) I was pretty impressed with myself. Even the flower clip was a product of my craftiness. I thought about charging her but then I remembered all the free babysitting she does for me.

Here is the prom couple -- I totally forgot the guy's name -- sorry.

Here's typical Katie, taking charge: "Let's go."

Her date pulled up in this awesome yellow car which went perfectly with the rest of the ensembles.

This last photo would have been amazing with a really expensive camera (sigh).

One more happy senior on her way to prom.


Brittanny said... are have some mad talent there! I love her dress..and the car? Wow. I am pretty sure my prom experience was not that cool. Oh well. I am trying not to dwell on it that much...jk!