Monday, May 18, 2009

Treyson is 1 !!!

Another big milestone happened on May 9th.

I seriously LOVE this kid!!! It has been such a fun experience having him around. A little bit on the Momma's-Boy-side, but I'll take that anyday over colic. As seen above, he makes the goofiest faces and has us laughing almost everyday.
Treyson loves music. He must watch me while music is playing because I tend to sing to every song. Along with his usual dance moves, he bobs his head up and down while opening and closing his mouth (like he's singing the words). Adorable and hilarious!
Walking is close in his future. He's taking quite a few steps on his own, but still needs practice. Loves balls. Loves, loves, loves, LOVES BALLS!!
Also loves food -- any kind. His favorite is whatever you're eating.

This past Saturday, he finally got his cake. I bought one of those gigantor cupcake molds and finally got to use it.

Treyson went right for the candies. What?....He's never had those before!! He must have just been attracted to the colors or something.

As soon as Trey noticed that I wasn't going to stop him, there was no holding back:

My Aunt Linda was very impressed that me, of all people, would be letting my kid get this dirty.
But I had already planned ahead for a sink bath and change of clothes right after.
Thanks Uncle Brad and Aunt Brenda for letting us mush cake all over your beautiful new countertops. Your house is beautiful.


The Gardners said...

Happy Birthday to Treyson!! I love the Gigantic Cup Cake, I wish we lived closer so I could borrow it because I've had my eye on it forever for my girls B-days in June, but haven't decided yet if I want to break down and buy it yet.