Monday, May 18, 2009

MAY 9, 2009

Daahh--dah, dah, dah--daahh, daahh. Daahh--dah, dah, dah--daahh.

(Graduation March)

Jeff graduated with a Doctorate in Physical Therapy on May 9th, 2009.

It's a new feeling being done with school. Once Jeff takes his licence test and accepts a job, it will be another new feeling...... a really good feeling.

We are all so proud of Jeff's dedication and work. I'm glad he found something that he loves doing. That makes all the difference.

The past three years have been a growing experience, living away from family, and such. Flagstaff will always bring amazing memories. We made such good friends and I will never forget them! Reunion thoughts are already picking at my brain.

Sorry Jessie, you're closing your eyes in this one. Steven -- we can totally tell you're tiptoe-ing!!

Carl Wiltbank, Ben Cox, Russ Christensen, Morgan Brown, Derek Flake, JEFF, Steven Kempton, and Chris Legler (being carried). School wouldn't have been the same without these guys.

Thanks to anyone and everyone who supported us through this time!!

We love you all!

Way to go hon! I love you!


Jasmyn said...

How exciting to finally be done...both of you. Congrats, and I hope you stick around for a while;)

AZ Karen said...

Congratulations, Jeff! Good luck with the job hunt.