Tuesday, August 11, 2009

My First Kindergartener....

......for the first stage of elementary school, KINDERGARTEN is a pretty big word, don't ya think?

Griffin starts FULL DAY Kindergarten tomorrow. Yikes!

Are there any other "first time" moms out there who are a little freaked out by the whole dropping-off-a-five year old-onto-a-playground-full-of-kids-he-doesn't-know-at-seven forty AM-and-then-just-driving-off thing??!!
I'm sure I will not be the only one lingering on the side streets, spying from my car, to make sure he's okay. For AT LEAST the first week.
To KINDLY describe myself, I'm a "worry procrastinator". Maybe it's my immense faith that everything will be okay. It pulls me through. But today, Jeff asked me if I was expecting a call from Griffin's teacher tomorrow, as he's having a breakdown because school is "too long". And now, as I sit here typing this, I am getting a little worried.......and a little sad.
I mean, there's definitely days that Griffin and I do not get along, but he has become a good helper and a good friend to Kai. His immitations are always a good laugh too. I have a feeling he'll be the entertainer for his classmates. Just yesterday, he was climbing out of the back of a truck and, while stradling the tailgate, said, "OH! MY TENDERS!" (from Kung Fu Panda). Funny.
First day of school, here we come! (fingers crossed)


The Gardners said...

I actually cried when Chase started kindergarten. He just loved it though so it made it easier, but his wasn't all day... Good luck with that!

Momma Dianna said...

First time, first kid is always hard and we all CRY, but somehow we get through it, it does get easier and the kids usually just love it! Good luck tomorrow!

Brenay Family said...

Good luck! My first started yesterday and I had to send her off on the bus!! It is scary and kind of nice all at the same time! He'll be fine and so will you! But I'm only 2 days experienced!

J Brewer said...

Ah don't cry! But do park the car and walk him in to the playground & to line-up... if you cause a traffic jam those other parents will not be very nice! ;)