Thursday, August 27, 2009

Silly Trey

So, I figured Treyson should make it into a post or two. It seems Griffin has been hogging the last few.

Today, Treyson did something that made me laugh out loud and I realized how much he makes me giggle, but I never write about it. Just the little things, ya know?

Earlier Kai had gotten the fly swatter out to kill a bug.

Although the boys have been told many-a-times that this is "yucky" and "gross", it is still one of their favorite toys. After Kai put had put it away, Trey snuck in the cupboard to have his turn with the disgusting bug germs. He knows I will imediately make him put the swatter away, but I think he finds joy in making me squirm. Which is why, instead of playing with it where I can't see him, Treyson sneaks up and peeks around the office doorway, hiding it from me.
(Kai is demonstrating because I couldn't get Trey to do it again.)
Treyson did the "peek" a little better, only showing his head with both arms behind him.
I know exactly what he's doing and I jump out of my chair. This startles him and he runs like the dickens to put the coveted trophy back in it's place. It was super funny!

When Griffin was little, we could get him to wear hats once in a while. Kai, not so much, so I kinda gave up. But Treyson seems to enjoy it. He won't leave them on all day, but long enough.

Not too long ago,Treyson and I got home from running an errand and found the other boys watching a show. I put Trey down on the couch and he fell into a sitting position between two back cusions. He stayed there for 10 or 15 minutes. Either he was really comfortable, or the show was AWESOME!

One of these days, I'll get a video of Trey running, which is another joy of mine. His legs are slightly bowed and looks very similar to an Olympic speed walker.
I love this kid!