Wednesday, May 18, 2011


The first time I saw the word "Robosaurus", I was reading an article in the paper telling about this monster truck show out at Firebird International Raceway.
I just KNEW my boys would love it.
So we went.
And may never go again.
Partially my fault, though.
All day long, the weather was perfect, but then the wind picked up and I didn't anticipate how chilly it would get once the sun went down..... and I hadn't brought coats or blankets.

We had to walk around the whole arena to get to our seats, which was good because we got to walk across this awesome bridge:
...and meet Robosaurus in the flesh..... I mean.... steel.
This demolishing destructor of doom has some loyal fans, I tell you what!
Check out this guy:
Adorned in his shirt purchased in 2006!
(Or maybe he found it at the Goodwill thrift store 2 days earlier.)
Also sitting close to us were some very excited boys.
One of which is wearing a machine gun around his neck -- just in case you didn't notice.

No machine guns for my boys, but they were sharing in the excitement for sure:
They really liked the motorcyclists doing tricks on their bikes.

In all honesty:
the cars were cool, but almost too loud.
the monster trucks... awesome... but the crew took WAY too long to set up for each "scene".
and also... it was cold..... and windy, but I already said that.
It was though -- really cold.
The kind of cold where your kids seem to have twice as much energy while their bodies are naturally trying to get warm. Shivering, tense bodies, running around back and forth in the 10-15 feet of open bleachers we had next to us.

Finally, after 2.5 hours of waiting, it was time for...........
R-O-B-O-S-A-U-R-U-S !!!!!!!
(Wide-eyed excitement)

It stomped (rolled) around....
....breathing angry fire.....
...terrorizing and crushing any puny cars left in his path.
The boys seemed to enjoy it and only remember the good parts the next day when telling family and friends.
I wish my memory was as selective as theirs.
I don't think I'll be seeing Robosaurus for a VERY long time.


Deb said...

Your so good at taking your boys to do fun things, even if it is cold.

becky d said...

Great pictures! I love Griffins eyes! It's too bad it was cold, but like you said, the boys will not remember that.

Shirl and Bill said...

I know three little boys who wil remember that for a long time....