Monday, May 2, 2011


Easter morning brought baskets and gifts.
Pool noodles in preparation for summer swimming!

Before breakfast the boys went egg hunting.
This was my most ingenious hide. Blue on blue. I guessed the boys wouldn't find it until the very end and I was right.

The boys got ready for church and Jeff took them out back for some pictures.
I love my handsome boys!

This next one cracks me up. Treyson with his Go-Go-Gadget arms, Griffin standing in some 89 year old's pose, .........and Kai.

Then we got a few more pictures after church.
Griffin "I-can't-get-my-church-clothes-off-fast-enough" Gardner did not join us.

The previous night, we'd gathered at the Gardners.
Lots of playing with cousins.
Amazing food.
And, new this year, a gift auction with play money.


Shirl and Bill said...

Love the photos, Auction, I love auctions. what a great idea. With play money no less,,,,love it even more...

becky d said...

Yes, I outloud giggled at the 2nd picture of the boys! Gadget arms! Too funny!! Old man pose! Crackup!! I also enjoyed the under-the-trampoline photo! Is there enough exclamation marks in this post? (I actually wrote this last question so there wouldn't be just exclamation marks) :)

The Scotts said...

Cute cute boys!! I love the gadget arms LOL!!

AIM said...

I'm suing you for posting a picture of me on this website. Not a joke.