Tuesday, May 24, 2011


So those of you who know my wife,
know she has turned into a marvelous ,impressive, fantastic, amazing, incredible, (the list can go on and on and on)

She got back into running about a year ago and has excelled more than I ever could have imagined. She can run forever and it is just not slow and steady wins the race type running but rather she just gets out and SMOKES everybody. She is i
ncredibly fast. I always thought you got slower the older you get but not the case with Carolyn.

Anyways she has been running in different races and doesn't just finish but WINS. I swear that the people who put these races on see Carolyn's name on the sign up sheets and then just put her name as the winner before the race is even run. She is incredible!

So this past weekend she signed up to run in the SAN TAN RUN, WALK, SHOP Race. And let my tell how she did, if you already don't have an idea of what the outcome was.

The boys and I made it just in time to see her take off. Look at how amazing her form is. You blinked and missed it , didn't you? Pay attention.

I was only able to take two pictures before she was out of our sight. Don't you just love her trademark socks.

We all waited at the finish line and this is Griffin worrying if Mom was going to win or not. Look at the nervousness and anticipation on his face. Actually he was just wondering what was taking Mom so long.

Just like I said, she smoked everyone. There wasn't even anyone close to challenge her.
She is amazing!

1ST OVERALL FEMALE and 1ST in her age group.

Congratulations HON! We are amazed by your talents and proud of your hard work. It would be nice though that every once in a while you could let someone else win.


Kristin said...

Jeff, I love that you're posting this!! She is amazing...and hot!!

Shirl and Bill said...

Yea! Rah, Rah, Kudos, etc,etc,etc,

The Scotts said...

Way to go Carolyn!!! That is awesome! And very sweet of you Jeff to post this!

Jasmyn said...

She gives all of us 30-somethings hope that maybe we can be spectacular too as we get older...though I don't know that I could ever be that awesome! Great Job Carolyn!

becky d said...

Yeah! Where is everyone else in the finishing picture? You really must have outrun them all!!
Congrats to our lovely daughter! We love you.

Jillian Crockett said...

Awesome Carolyn!! Sad to say that Jeff is really showing up on this blogging thing. Kudos to you Jeffery! I am still waiting for Carolyn's photo a week thing you said you were going to do. . .

K said...

carolyn -- you are inspiring, seriously! maybe you want to keep all your "trade secrets" to yourself, but if you wanna share some tips, feel free!! is there anything specific (besides all the generic hard work and dedication blahblahblah stuff) that you totally swear by? i'm just at the point of getting back into running after baby and would love to get some advice from awesome you.

--karyn (papa) olson