Monday, March 26, 2012

Spring Break Reward Trip

For the month of February, we challenged the boys to keep us on track with reading scriptures and having family prayer every. day.  
As a reward, we stayed overnight at a hotel in Scottsdale that ended up being right across the street from the
The boys had so much fun riding the little train around the park.

While waiting for our "boarding time", we played on the big playground they have there as well.

I had wanted to book a hotel with crazy fun slides and lazy rivers, etc., but EVERYWHERE I checked was sold out! 
But really, all the boys needed was a pool.
Nothing fancy.
Just water to jump in.

We swam, rode the train, went out to dinner and dessert, went out for breakfast in the morning, then saw The Lorax on the way back home.
The break from our "norm" was desperately needed and welcomed with open arms.


Annie said...

Sometimes the simpler, the better. Fun! It's always nice to hear about fun things, nearby. I might know a couple of boys who like trains...

Shirl and Bill said...

That sounds soooo fun. A good get away....