Wednesday, December 5, 2007


After a freezing cold Thanksgiving in Snowflake, ( I had to pull out the big coats).... I'm a little more prepared for the winter I can expect here in Flagstaff. Although, weather here is so "fickle" as a girl at work puts it. Some days it will be quite nice -- like today. It's mildly cold, but no wind to bite us. Other days we will stay inside for as long as possible because it's so windy. We wait for the absolute last minute to go anywhere. When we do leave, it's a fast run to the car, another hustle into church or the store, and then back home.

While we were gone, there was a really bad wind storm I guess and the foam mats I had placed in the backyard.......

.......had blown up against the backside of our house, despite the bricks I had placed on each corner to hold it down. Griffin's beloved tent, however, was not so lucky. A week past before Jeff asked me where it had gone. I figured Jeff had put it away before we left. It was then, we realized the space tent was ours no longer. Hopefully it made it into the hands of some homeless person. Or perhaps it will be the hibernating station for some lucky animal up in the mountains. Griffin hasn't asked about it yet...... cross your fingers.

We put up our tree this past Home Evening:

Griffin loved helping this year.

Kai, on the other hand, was constantly pulling off the ornaments and driving his Lightning McQueen car all through the branches. That's what he's doing in this next picture:

And, NO, Griffin is not peeing on the tree. Even though his pose might suggest otherwise.

We also went out with some friends and had family pictures taken. It was too dark for most of them to turn out and SO RIDICULOUSLY COLD!!!

(notice Griffin's "I'm freezing" fake smile)

OH, yes, it's definitely winter.


Jenny said...

Can't you just imagine some poor old homeless guy, definitely missing some teeth and several weeks past "fresh" smelling, all snuggled up in your awesome little tent?
Your posts are hilarious and make me miss the good ol days when we were young(er). Ah, to be 13 again (or so we'll say) and coriagraphing dances to Newsies until the wee hours of the morning...

Alisa Larson said...

Wow, you are brave Carolyn. I think winters here in the Valley get too cold. I'd never make it!

Danielle said...

I kind of love/hate relationship with winter too. It's so pretty to look out at the snow, but it makes me feel trapped inside. Plus it means chronic runny noses for my kids. I don't think there's been a day this week I haven't had snot smeared up my sleeve. *sigh*

The Gardner Gang said...

OH my heck Jennica!! I always forget about the Newsies extravaganza. That was definitely one of the girliest things we've ever done. But I LOVED it, I'm not going to lie. Why were we up in Utah anyway?