Monday, May 5, 2008


For those of you who may have been checking anxiously -- I'm still here -- still pregnant. It's good because I know the baby just keeps getting more and more healthy the longer he stays in there, but......... I want him out.

I just thought he'd be here by now. Griffin was 5 days early -- Kai was 3 wks early -- and I figured this one would come somewhere in between those two, but sooner rather than later. I was really hoping for May 2nd. That sounded like a good birthday date. Nope didn't happen, despite my trying. I didn't go to the extremes of caster oil or anything. I guess he's just not ready.

Jeff's in the middle of finals right now and it doesn't help that he's feeling awful. It's like, "Here, if the stress of finals and a baby due any day aren't enough........ let's throw on this great stomach bug that's been going around. That will make things easier." He really has been working hard on school and I'm happy for him that it's almost over. Hopefully we'll have an enjoyable summer and be able to find a place to live in the valley for all of his internships. I'm excited to be close to family again. Griffin and Kai really miss the grandparents and cousins.

I'll keep you posted. By the way, if any of you out there know of someone trying to rent their house or a cheap apartment with 3 bedrooms, let me know. Gilbert or Mesa area is our preference.


Jen said...

you are sooo close!! hang in there! those days can be tough. Good luck on everything!!

Layton Clan said...

Oh lady, he will be here soon enough. I am trying to figure out how to keep Max cooking for a little longer! It just seems to be coming so quickly.
I will keep my eyes open for any rental possibilities around mesa/gilbert. There should be some pretty affordable places now that the market is so low.

I love you! Hang in there!


Karyn Olson said...

Best wishes! I know everyday takes a YEAR... I still have three months to go. That is a heck of a LONG TIME! I envy you! And thanks for posting... I did check just to see if anything was happening over at your place.

KUP (Keep Us Posted).

juliette said...

I hope you are in labor right now! Good luch with that baby and hopefully we will talk to you soon to see how you are.