Monday, October 20, 2008

No video....sorry.

I know SO many of you are checking my blog every day waiting for a video of the amazing production I wrote about last post. Well, no one captured the magic. The photographer got quite a few shots during the song, but this is all I got:
(we threw on the wigs last minute to make it more enjoyable)

It was a beautiful wedding. The bride was gorgeous and Mark couldn't have been happier.

Welcome, Shanna, to our crazy Gardner family..... where building styrofoam-temples and playing games on the lawn with a giant parachute are just every day activities.


The Scotts said...

You guys are way too much fun! No one got it on camera!?!?!? Congrats to Mark.

Brittanny said...

My mom said the reception was nice and that Mark looked handsome. What? Jk...I sure love the Gardner family and I am excited to meet the newest addition when we are in AZ next. And you know, you are a crazy family! And that is why we love it!