Saturday, October 25, 2008

Patent Please

This has to be my all time favorite infant "toy". I used it at one time or another with all my boys.
(Infant Acetaminophen Bottle)
It's already made to be childproof. The container is the perfect size for small hands to hold. The top is just the right length and texture for abusive gnawing. But, here's the kicker ...... if they happen to spit-up in the midst of chewing on it, they just suck it right back down because of the bottle-like shape of the lid.

Love it!!


Chris and Brittany Legler said...

I completly agree with you. All of my kids have loved it and we always have it in the diaper bag! Treyson is so big! we miss you guys. I finally created a blog....look us up!
See ya!!