Monday, October 27, 2008

Halloween Kick-Off

Last night was the Gardner's Annual Halloween Dinner. We haven't been able to go to the previous two because of living in Flagstaff, but it was a lot of fun. Each family was in charge of bringing something to share. Here are some of the spooky dishes we devoured:



SPIDER GUTS ----(really good chunky salsa)

-------------------- RICE CRISPY JACK-O-LANTERN

----------------- STRAWBERRY GHOSTS

AMAZING PUNCH -- it's hard to see, but the ice floating in the bowl was in the shape of a hand.

After dinner, Tom and Hope (Jeff's parents) had a treasure hunt for the kids. The prizes included Halloween socks, pencils, punch ball balloons, little foam guns, and some candy. They loved it!! Then onto the next activity...... Hide and Seek. Each person wore a glowstick on their wrist, all the lights were turned out, and the game began. Treyson didn't really enjoy being in complete darkness -- PLUS he was getting hungry. So instead of taking over one of the bedroom and eliminating hiding spots, I just took him out to the car to feed him.
It was a fun night. Thanks Grandma Hope and Grandpa Tom!!!


The Browns said...

Way Cute Carolyn! I love those ideas!

azHarline said...

Looks like you guys had a fun time. The food looks great. I just love Halloween

Corbin and Amy said...

Aunt Hope and Uncle Tom always put so much time into the holiday activities. How fun!! The kids will always remember those things.