Thursday, December 4, 2008

Thanksgiving Recap

Well, if you remember last year, our Thanksgiving attire was much more festive. That particular tradition might have to occur ever OTHER year. However, the tradition of making the trek to Snowflake each Thanksgiving will continue..... at least for as long as my Grandpa DeWitt is with us. Our family just keeps getting bigger and each year I think, 'Okay, this will be the year we will need to get a hotel room.' But each year, it works out. It probably helped matters when my parents purchased their RV last year. Anyways -- we always have fun times in Snowflake.
This year there wasn't as much volleyball as usual. It was cold and rainy. The coldness normally has no effect, but the rain is a little more difficult to work around. One of the main events this trip was my sister, Jill, and brother, Kevin, going through the temple for the first time. The Snowflake Temple is quite a bit smaller than the Mesa Temple and it was a great experience to be there with so much family, celebrating this special time for Jill and Kevin.

And, YES, my sister is awesome for making this decision without marriage or mission in the works. Kevin, Australia will be lucky to have you...... and please don't ever make that face again.

I wanted to get a family photo ON Thanksgiving with all the boys in their fall colors. But Jeff insisted that we still had the WHOLE weekend to get a nice picture. Did it happen? No. (Visualize me pursing my lips and shaking my fist.) I got a cute one of my boys though.

I am thankful.


Danielle said...

They are adorable. And phooey on stubborn guys who won't take family pictures. (I have one too)

The Browns said...

They're getting so big!! We miss you here in Flag!

The Gardners said...

Hey Carolyn, It's Alicia (your cousin-in-law or something like that:). I found your blog on Brittany,s. It's Cute! Your kids are getting big. I don't think we've ever met little trey, what a cutie. Just wanted to say "Hi". Happy Holidays! We would love to send you guys a Christmas card. email me your address

Jen said...

AAHHH about the picture. There is never enough time, just make that guy do it when you want. I have learned though that if I point out a time it didn't happen he will let me do it when i want. There is nothing worse than having a picture in mind and not getting it! Better luck next time!

Holly Janeen said...

hooray for Jill and Kevin... and especially that it was snowflake... thats a fun one :)

DeWitts said...

I love the link to the LDS website. Good thinking!