Monday, December 8, 2008

"Pinecones and hollyberries..."

If any of you are familiar with one of my favorite Christmas songs, you will understand my post title. It is from the album "An Osmond Family Christmas" -- I think -- and the song is.... "It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas". Love it.

We put our Christmas lights up and finally got our tree up this past week. This is the first time in a long time that we have more than just a porch to decorate with lights. Before, when we lived in the valley, our place of residence was a four-plex. Then in Flagstaff, we had REAL icicles hanging from our roof, so there was no need to put up the fake icicle lights anywhere besides our porch again. Because of more surface area to cover, the purchase of more lights was inevitable, but worth it.

This is our tree:

Last year, at the after-Christmas sales, I found this cute, funky, tree garland that I definitely need more of.

Here is my favorite tree ornament:

(Marshmallow shaped snowmen riding on chocolate pieces and a graham cracker sleigh.)

I have quite a few "favorite" Christmas decorations, but if I had to pick one this year:
(Light-up Ice Cube Snowman)

What are your favorites? Post pictures on your blog, then leave a comment so I can go look.


azHarline said...

I love your Christmas decorations. By the way, I tagged you. Just go to my blog and follow the instructions.

*Amy R.* said...

Hey, I hadn't said hi in awhile and we were mainly over at Dianes over Thanksgiving so we didn't really get to see you... BUT, I have been wanting to ask... did your husband graduate school then I am assuming since you no longer live here? I hadn't seen you at McLaughlin's in a long time so I figure you had moved on. Well take care in the valley! No more snow for you guys huh?

The Gardner Gang said...

Hey Amy!! No, Jeff didn't graduate yet. He is interning down here in the valley until May and THEN he will be done. So... no more McLaughlin's and no more snow.