Friday, December 12, 2008

Todd is Back!!!

On Wednesday night Jeff's brother, Todd, returned home from his mission to the Baltic Region. He is the youngest in their family and brother #5 to complete a mission for The Church Of Jesus Chirst Of Latter-Day Saints . Hope (Jeff's mom) was thrilled beyond words to have all of her boys home for good. Todd is also the only brother not married yet so I have a feeling Hope will be holding on for dear life until that fateful day when Todd finds his true love.

I thought I took more pictures than I did, but thinking back, there was a lot of chasing kids around. So these shots are all I got:

Thank you to Amy and Greg for making the gathering enjoyable with your Santa Claus outfit and Russian winter hat. One of Todd's friends, Andrea, made a sign that said, "It's been a long two years but you're worth the wait. Will you marry me?" When Todd finally made it to the sign, he looked at Andrea and, while staring into her questioning eyes, he slowly lowered the sign while shaking his head. Not quite as amused as Andrea was hoping he would be. It's good to have him home. We missed ya Todd!!!
Shaun (one of the brothers) flew in from Utah for a few days to be with Todd. And this is
Shaun's bag being left unattended for quite a length of time. Good thing our family was so crazy that the security guards didn't dare come within range. Shaun would have been busted!


azHarline said...

That is so exciting that Todd is home. I'm so sad that we weren't able to be there. I thought he was coming home Friday night.

Anonymous said...

Todd looks HOT in that first picture!! WooHoo!!

nicholeking said...

Hi guys! Congrats on number 3! Hope all is going well & that you're enjoying your Chirstmas break. Merry Christmas!