Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas 'Wrap Up'

Christmas Eve is always a big party for Jeff's family. There was food, games, and even dancing this year. And, of course, the usual nativity performance.
(Sorry about the bad quality pictures and red eyes. I'm not really sure what's wrong with my camera.)

Then Christmas morning we told the story of Christ's birth, like so many do, then went out to see what Santa had brought.
This year Christmas was declared a Spiderman Holiday in our home.

Griffin showed his GLEE in many faces:

Kai also approved of the chosen character theme this year.

Treyson was just happy to be there, as usual.

Along with individual bikes, we gave the boys this excellent yard sale find:

After presents and Treyson's nap, we went over to the Gardners' for breakfast. We exchanged a few gifts there then over to my parents where we presented them with a music video. The film also included some "poking fun of......" and inside jokes/memories from growing up. I'm pretty sure they LOVED it!!

My favorite part of Chrismas this year was making dolls for my nieces. It took hours of neglecting housework and kids, but I got them all done. I first saw THESE DOLLS made by my cousin and fell in love. She had a link on her post to inform where she got the pattern. The original dolls can be found HERE. Jennica and I used the pattern found on the Martha Stewart website from when the Black Apple Doll creator appeared on the show.

I changed MY dolls quite a bit. I liked a bigger leg and arm -- turned the feet a different way -- added a skirt and shoes. Like I said, it was a fun gift to make.
Here they are:

You can see the shoes and the dark-haired dolls better in this picture:


The Gardners said...

Wow your Crafty, Nice work on the Dolls!

Merry Christmas!

Deb said...

I lvoe the dolls! They turned out so cute - I have been a fan of the Black Apple for awhile now, but had not seen the pattern for the dolls. I might have to try it now. What a great gift.

Jessie Brown said...

Looks like you had a fun spiderman christmas day. Love the dolls. You are so nice to make all those for them.

AZ Karen said...

The dolls are so cute. My girls got some made from the same pattern for Christmas...but not made by me...Lindsay White made them. So, so cute.

The Browns said...

Aw! You are so good! Those are such cute dolls! Your Spiderman Christmas sounds like fun! Happy New Year!

Brittanny said...

I wish I could have been there for the Gardner Christmas Eve PARTY! I didn't see a pic of the annual t-shirts...who designed them this year? Oh...and I also wish I could sew like you...those dolls turned out so cute! Good job!

Alisa Larson said...

Those are adorable! Such talent you have!