Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Griffin is 5 !!!

I love this perfectly posed picture. His turn was over, but I told him to jump back on so I could get a picture . It looks like an end-of-the-year school party photo, doesn't it?

Griffin's birthday is July 20th and most years we are lucky enough to do everything ON his actual birthday. This year he woke up to pancakes shaped like Mickey Mouse and the number 5. Griffin is not really into Mickey Mouse at all, he just knows it's a pretty fool-proof shape to make as a pancake. I've attempted others before, succeeded in making a turtle, came close to an elephant, but failed at many.

Jeff and I had been wanting to take the boys to Arizona Mills Mall for nothing else, but to see the animals at The Rainforest Cafe. We'll have to go back and eat there because they LOVED it. Griffin and Kai each got to pick out 4 jungle figurines. We are so lucky that Griffin is not a selfish birthday boy. Lunch was assumed correctly at McDonalds, however disappointment came when we discovered the Happy Meal toys were no longer Ice Age 3 characters as anticipated. All they carried were Teeny Beany Babies. Booorrinng.

Griffin wanted a Bolt cake. I was excited to make him one like this:

instead he wanted the one seen below which came with BOLT toys on top.

Ours (on the right) turned out cute but not quite as crisp as the picture because it's SO DANG HOT HERE and the heavy orange icing started sliding off. Oh well, I'm the only one who cared.

Our families met us at Jeepers that night.... Griffin's choice. We LOVE that place!!
Thanks everyone!

I hope Kindergarten is ready for him!!


Jasmyn said...

Happy Birthday Griffin! What a great also happens to mine and Joel's anniversary:)

Brittanny said...
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Brittanny said...

Carolyn, I am so retarded. I copy and pasted a message I wrote to Debbie and accidently put in in your comment box on your blog. I deleted it though. I am so techno-tarded. I am just so concerned for the Gardners that I am not paying better attention. I bet your family is also shocked to learn about BJ. So sad huh? sorry about that bday to Griffin. And hey...did you make that cake? It makes me feel a little dumb displaying a pic of Aaron's bday cake! It was pretty sad looking!