Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Yesterday was my 29th birthday !!!

It was a good day.

I woke to the smell of hashbrowns.

Jeff had made breakfast while the boys drew pictures for me.

I was allowed to go shopping without guilt.

Later I took the boys swimming -- it was a hot, hot day.

During naptime, my mom and sisters came over to watch The Bachelorette.

Also during naptime, my brother-in-law and mother-in-law brought me lunch from Krazy Sub.

Being the last day of the month, of course I went visiting teaching.

My sister-in-law made me some amazing mini fruit pizzas -- YUM!

I attended the running group, I've grown to love, wearing my new skorts from this morning's purchases.
Then picked up some dinner from Joe's Farm Grill on the way home. (If it's your birthday, you get $10 off your order!!)

Thank you Hon for the great day -- you're the best!
Thank you everyone else for all the "Happy Birthday" song phone calls and Happy Birthday texts I received all day long.
You made me feel special and loved!!


Jen said...

sounds like you had a great day! happy b-day!

Jasmyn said...

Glad you had such a great birthday!

Keri said...

You are so old! Ha, ha! I'm glad you had such a fun day. Any day that has Bachelorette involved has to be a good one.

Katie Wright Farnsworth said...

I feel so bad!!! I didn't even know it was your birthday! I wouldn't have let you come VT had i known it was your b-day!!!

Anonymous said...

no you didnt buy a skort :) i'll see you on tuesday...maybe
katie reynolds

Alisa Larson said...

Whats the running group your in? I would love someting like that. Running is so much better when you have someone to chat with!