Thursday, July 9, 2009

Showing Our Skills

The other day, I posted THIS LINK to a site I found instructing how to make magazine pages into these:

I think they turned out pretty cute. I used some old necklaces I hadn't worn in a while, but some simple ribbon would be darling as well. Ribbon would give it a more organic feel, which goes well with the "recycled" theme.

Griffin drew this a few weeks ago, before the BOLT stage he's in right now. The love for turtles has subsided for now, and is currently working on drawing his new favorite canine superhero.
Just a reminder: Griffin is almost five. I think he's a great artist!


Momma Dianna said... the necklaces! I'm totally gonna make one! I love CHEAP, cute stuff! Thanks for the how-to link.

kemptons said...

Look at you little miss talented!!! The necklaces look great!

Keri said...

Way to go with those necklaces! I might need to try it out. I might just make you show me in person when I come at the end of August.