Friday, April 29, 2011

Time for some Egg Basher-ey!!

We look forward to this event each year.
It's a simple game, really.
Roll your egg towards another's egg.
They hit.
Only one cracks.
The winner moves up in the bracket.

Check out Kai's determination. Yikes!

This next picture is me, knocking out the previous champion, and while it may appear that I'm cheating being over the line so far....this was probably our 12th roll!
Sometimes the eggs don't cooperate by rolling in a straight line.

Here are some common reactions seen each year when individual's eggs are retired.

This year, however, there was a slightly more dramatic occurrence.
This next roll began a controversial, haven't-made-a-rule-for-this-yet, argument.
Kevin and Shannon had been rolling for a while and at one point, Kevin picked up his egg to roll it again and discovered a crack. Their eggs hadn't hit yet so this was probably from being slightly dropped when rolled or some kind of mysterious expansion caused by the friction of roll after roll against the carpet.

The argument started.
Kevin thought it was perfectly fair for him to grab a new egg.
Most of the crowd did not agree with this move.
"You should have to use the same egg all the way through the very end of the contest."

This was Kevin's first Egg Bash back from his mission.
I think he wanted to win pretty bad.

After a few minutes of heated discussion, Kevin was slightly defeated, not wanting to win or move on with everyone thinking he cheated.

It was up to ME to make sure Kevin's second egg did not give him the title.
And while my form is practically perfect in every way...... :) beautiful, purple, argyle egg didn't have enough stamina to go up against the brave, shiny, new egg who had been sitting on the sidelines the whole time.
Dang!! I really wanted that plaque too.

Here is the beloved (to some) plaque being handed over by our 2010 Champion.
Brooklyn passes it on with a kiss.

Congratulations Kevin!!

(Our colorful egg graveyard)


Shirl and Bill said...

Oh, I would hate to have to make that decision.....

DeWitts said...

I LOVE that you got shots of Kevin mid-argument. Priceless.

becky d said...

Man - I have Jason's argument faces! I'll have to post them. Good post Carolyn.