Friday, July 25, 2008


We celebrated Griffin turning 4 years old this past week as well. His birthday was on July 20th, but since we were going to be in Snowflake the day of, we invited family over the day before we left. Nothing too big this year. All he really cared about was his "Turtle Cake" he had been asking for since months ago AND presents, of course.

I spent hours on this cake. It wasn't super difficult, just time consuming. He loved it though. The reaction didn't include jumping up and down and screaming. Griffin stared at that cake for a long time -- making sure I had all the turtles correct, I'm sure.

When it came time to blow out the candles.... it didn't go exactly the way he though it would.
Notice his intense facial formation that created a torpedo of air? Well, his aim was just a little off. The flames danced a little at his attempt, but none went out. Total embarrassment. Poor guy.
It took a good 2-3 minutes to convince Griffin to try again. Help was added.

The gifts and cake were enjoyable and memorable for our big 4 yr. old, but that hasn't stopped him from letting me know that at his next birthday, he wants a Spiderman theme.


Heidi said...

Turtle Time!! Happy Birthday Griffin!

Rob said...

Did you inform him that his wish was sure to not come true with an incomplete blow? Man, that probably ruined the whole party. But you can't lie to your kids, ya know?

sweet cake though.

caroyn said...

Thank goodness we haven't taught him about the whole "wish coming true" thing. I can see him closing his eyes and making a wish for a life-size Ninja Turtle or something and then opening his eyes, expecting to see it standing in front of him. There would have been tears for sure.

Brittanny said...

You are the best mom to spend that much time on a cake! I had good ol Target do Aaron's pirate cake because I just knew I didn't have the talent to do it! I am so glad I got to see you and your baby at the girls lunch in AZ! He is so sweet and I love that you came! And I am also so glad you have a blog so I can check in on you now!