Monday, June 3, 2013

DeWitt Egg Bash 2013

Oh how we look forward to this annual event!
For those who have never read about our "bash" before, each family member picks one egg they have boiled and decorated.
That egg is entered into the Egg Bash bracket and randomly put against another family member.
We compete by rolling said eggs towards each other at dangerous speeds... okay, not really.
Most of the time the eggs wobble off to the side before even getting close to the competition.
But once they connect, only one will crack.
Just one.
Every time.

Griffin and I both made it to the final round.
 We both really wanted to win, can you tell?
Whatever the outcome, I knew the beloved championship plaque would be hanging in my house for the next year.
We faced off,

took our positions, 

and unfortunately, Griffin had to learn the sad lesson of being a good sport while Mom wins.
 He really was a good sport about it!

Here is last year's champ, Allan, handing off the coveted prize:

The Champion Egg!


Shirl and Bill said...

Ah yes the egg bash. I avoid that cause I'm a poor looser.