Monday, June 3, 2013

Thank Heaven, Kai is 7!!

This year Kai had a lot of say in what he wanted for his birthday.
He was very clear about the activity to ChuckECheese and the design of his birthday cake.

 He had been telling so many friends at school that his birthday was going to be at ChuckECheese and that everyone would be given 500 tokens.
Yeah, we had to tone that wish down just a bit.

After tokens, tickets, prizes, and pizza, we went back home for cake and presents and the homemade ball pit on our trampoline. 

Aunt Katie, once again, pulled through with an awesome cake.  
Kai absolutely loved it!!!

 Towards the end of the school year, Kai's class did studies on Australia and each student was asked to make a diorama of a famous Australian landmark.
This was Kai's choice and he was so proud of his creation.
Isn't he handsome?