Monday, June 3, 2013

Flagstaff Day Trip

Also in October of last year, we wanted to go up north and see the beautiful changing colors that Autumn brings.

We knew Flagstaff would not disappoint...
...but our timing was not ideal.

Most of the beautiful reds and oranges were gone and all that was left were some beautiful yellows, 
most of which were on the ground.

But we still had fun and found lots to explore and entertain.
With the leaves that were left to drop, we made a game out of trying to catch one in flight.
Harder than you might think!

The boys loved hiking around the forest, climbing up and over everything in sight.

We decided to visit Snowbowl as well and ride the lift to the top.
And yes, it was pretty nippy!

 Proof of nippy-ness.... already snow on the ground!!

 There wasn't much to explore at the top so we didn't stay too long.
Long enough to take some great posed photos though.
Not exactly sure what these poses are by Griffin and Kai??

 But I should have known that Trey would copy both, thinking he was funny.

Flagstaff really is a beautiful place.  I would never want to live there again, but visit?....Sure thing!