Thursday, January 24, 2008


So I just absolutely LOVE having my hair brushed, styled, played with, etc. I LOVE IT!! Growing up I would seize every opportunity of having my sisters play with my hair............most of the time it was quite a sight to see (and not a pretty one). But it didn't matter.

I am reminded of this love every time I get my hair done, and yesterday while Rae (my stylist) was blow-drying my hair, I had a great idea.......... What about Griffin? He's the closest thing I have here to a little sister. I was surprised when he was 'all for it'. He brushed my hair for about 5 minutes and then asked, "What do you want your hair like?" My reply was, "How about up high." He then started to brush my hair to the top of my head. Griffin then said, "Mom, how want your hair like Spiderman?" This statement reassured me that I was not turning him gay for asking him to brush my hair. I said, "Sure." He searched the house for any hair accessory that was red, because "Spiderman only has red on his head."

This was the final product:
Not bad, right? I'll have him post a step-by-step of this fabulous hairstyle that I'm sure ALL of you are coveting.


The MomBabe said...

tres chic.

Danielle said...

Ooh, I can't wait until Justin can do my hair.

Nichole said...

"turning him gay". . . ha ha ha!

I had two sisters and I SO miss having them around to braid my hair. When it's long, I can do it myself, but short (like now) needs a sister's hands.

I've been telling M for 8 years that he needs to learn how to braid.

In the meantime, next time I see my sisters, I'm making them brush and braid my hair. I'll blame it on you. I forgot how much I love it!!

Jen said...

I love the ponytail. that is impressive! way to go buddy! i love the turning him gay comment! Too funny!

Deb said...

Wow, William could never do that. The closest I get to that is him driving his toy truck through my hair and sometimes it doesn't come out so easy.