Saturday, January 26, 2008


Okay, seriously......who doorbell ditches anymore?! I know there's not much to do here in Flagstaff but I don't understand how someone could get bored enough to be out in the cold and ring doorbells ----- FOR FUN!!! I could maybe see how a few kids might be walking to their friends house and get this AMAZINGLY ORIGINAL idea to ring peoples' doorbells on their way there. But the fact is...... I know that wasn't the case for me last night because they did it THREE TIMES!!!! Yeah. The doorbell rang as I was pulling kids out of a bath, I went down to answer the door, nobody there. Two minutes later, there was a KICK on the door!! (Can you imagine how stupid that kid must have looked? "I'm too cool to ring the doorbell, watch this!") So I didn't go down for another minute or so (still getting kids in bed)......... when I DID go down, I was right by the door when they rang the doorbell again. I unlocked the deadbolt as fast as I could, but by the time I got out there --- 4 seconds later, I couldn't find ANYONE!!! I was sooooo annoyed.

I sat there by the door for a good 10-15 minutes just waiting for them to chance it again. I was not going to miss them a fourth time. I must have scared them with my intense searching after the third ring because they never came back. The worst part of all........ Jeff wasn't here. He had a basketball game. I have a feeling they wouldn't have even come a second or third time if Jeff had been the one to answer the door.

I just hope they don't come back tonight when I have a babysitter here. Yikes!


Danielle said...

Grrr. I hope you catch the little boogers and scare 'em!