Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Home again!

Wow! It feels like we've been gone FOREVER. We left Flagstaff on Dec. 21st and just got back on the 6th of January.

It was a great trip overall. Besides kids getting sick here and there, we had a good time. Christmas morning I was all ready with my video camera to capture the first Christmas that Griffin would probably remember and know what's going on. Only to find out after a minutes worth of taping that I was out of tape. Arrrrrrgggg!!! And no, I wasn't smart enough to come prepared with another tape. So we got as much as we could with our picture camera. Here are a few shots:

Griffin had jumped on the couch and started digging in before the rest of us even got in the room.

Kai was having a bad morning and I ended up giving in to a cheese-puff and rice crispy treat breakfast.

Griffin was so dramatic when opening the drawing table. It was like the wrapping paper was his enemy.

Kai's big gifts were this dump truck and a Deluxe Marble Race buildable tower thing. I built "the ultimate" tower when we got home.

After a few small gifts which included crutons (he loves them), we had Griffin open his second "big" gift from Santa. You may be wondering why his pants are off. Well, he just couldn't wait another second to put on his new Scooby Doo underwear.

Sea World was a lot of fun but VERY crowded. Is anyone else amazed at how often strollers and baby bags do NOT get stollen while at amuzement parks. I mean, they're just sitting there while standing in line or at the shows!! Tons of them. I'm thankful, don't get me wrong, just amazed.

After we got home from Sea World, we spent another week in the valley participating in family pictures and a White Elephant party with some of my cousins.

Then it was time to pack up and go. I LOVE our minivan. It's incredible how much stuff we fit into it for the trip home. And we didn't even have to pile luggage on top of the boys!!! Phew.

It's good to be home!!


Jenny said...

That is one STUFFED mini van! Looks like your kids scored for Christmas!
I saw your post about having another boy. Not that this will make you feel any better, but I am honestly and truly so jealous! I would LOVE to have a boy! Especially if he were anything like Griffin or Kai. You're boys are absolutely adorable and so fun to be around. This next one will be just the same, I'm sure! Congrats!

Danielle said...

Looks like you guys had a lot of fun. I absolutely loved Sea World when we went last summer. The kids won't remember it, so we'll have to go back again... and again... and again!

The Scotts said...

I knew that you had to be out there!!! I just happened to come across your blog while blog hopping!! Look how cute your boys are and I can't believe you are having a 3rd!! Congrats. I am loving reading your blog and all of your costumes. Especially Jeff as Snow White. Who knew he was such a pretty girl? I have a blog that is private so email me if you want me to add you. It was fun seeing you and your family.
Adios- Shanon


Jen said...

That looks like tons of fun! Sounds like a long trip, I would be glad to be home too. I love how stuffed the van is! I love to find ways to stuff thing in places it normally wouldn't fit and that looks like a fun one to do!