Saturday, January 19, 2008


This morning I decided to do a workout off of FitTV, which I'm SO glad we have. It gets so cold here and I don't want to go walking, running, or bike-riding in this weather...... PLUS we don't have a gym membership because of $$$$$, so there you go. FitTV it is.

Part of the workout involved hand weights. I had my set and Griffin had his.
Wow, Griffin looks a lot happier working out. Maybe I should try sitting on the couch and using matchbox cars next time.


Danielle said...

Hey, you're belly looks just like mine!!! (no, I'm not pregnant) You're one of those adorable cute pregnant people. I'm gonna go eat a cookie now. I only exercise when the weather is good.

The Gardner Gang said...

Adorable? Did you see my face in that picture? I guess not.

Ooooo....a cookie sounds good.

Caroline said...

holy cow woman! You do too look great. Mostly, I remember with your 1st pregancy, you were the Primary chorister? And it was the primary program? And you were like 8 or 9 months along and were wearing the cutest, huggiest black&white dress and I was (and still am, apparently ;) more than a little jealous at your level of cutest.

Russ and Debbie said...

Look at your little belly. Way to go, the apartments we moved into have a gym and I have already been 2 times this year. I'm the bomb!

Jen said...

Your belly is so cute! Whatever!!