Wednesday, July 2, 2008


A few weeks ago, I noticed Trey getting some baby acne. I am convinced that I cursed him with it. The night before it showed up, I had just thought about how lucky I was for him to not have it. (It takes all my will power not to pick at those things.) Then, after a few days, it started to get worse. REALLY red cheeks and then a few days later, the redness had a rough scaly feel along with it. I knew it had to be eczema. The doctor was going to be my first call when we got home from the valley. For sure we would have to put some kind of steroid cream on his cheeks to remedy this awful symptom. I ran into my friend Rachel Gannon (previously Bingham) at church and she said that her little one had it bad. An allergist (?) told her not to use the cream the docs gave her and recommended she use Aveeno 2-3 times a day until it gets better. I tell you what -- THAT STUFF WORKS!!!!
My precious Treyson cheeks were 3 times better after just 2 applications. I was amazed. This picture shows the beginning of the redness and irritation:
Then it got even worse. This next picture is after the 2 applications I told you about. So try to picture it three times worse than this:
This next photo is one I took today. A day and a half after we started the treatment. Can you believe it?!