Friday, July 25, 2008

"Return Missionary"

I used that as the title of my post because WAY too many people use those words to describe guys. "She's dating a return missionary." "Oh he's not a return missionary." "They're getting married? Is he a return missionary?" Besides, is that even the correct phrase? Shouldn't it be "returnED" missionary? It's silly really. Because those words don't necessarily mean they are FANTASTIC people. There are some really nice guys out there who never had the chance to go. AND there are some who return and fall away from the church, bringing their whole family down with them.

That being said........... one of the good guys ..........


He got back from (Canada) on July 18th. We picked him up from the airport around 7pm that night. My mom had made these hilarious t-shirts for all of us to wear at the terminal.
The next morning we left early and went up to Snowflake for the annual Pioneer Day Celebration. We go to the parade in the morning, the ladies usually hit the craft fair (we didn't get there this year) and then the rest of the time is spent eating and playing volleyball. It's just fun to be around family and it was really good to see Jason and have him and his sarcasm home again. I LOVE IT !!