Thursday, July 31, 2008

We are HUGE Cardinal fans!!!!

Umm....... no.

Jeff heard that the Cardinals were up here at NAU for their practices and we decided to go check it out. It's not like we were hoping for autographs or anything, we just jump at anything there is to do here in good old Flagstaff.

It was pretty warm that day, so we stopped by Sonic's Happy Hour and got some slushies. Have you ever tried a cherry-limeade-cream-slush? Do it. It wasn't too exciting to watch, but like I said, it was something to do. As we got up to go, Jeff noticed a little kids area. They had a blow-up obstacle race course, a run-thru-the-defenders-for-a-touchdown thing, and an accuracy throw station. The boys loved it.

Jeff kept taking pictures of the players and I didn't understand why. It's not like we are going to put them in our photo albums and tell our story about going to the Cardinals Practice years from now. Maybe if one of the players were holding our kid or at least sitting next to them, then the picture would be worth taking. But I told him he could just take a few and I'd post them before deleting them off the camera. So here you go.


Jen said...

that looks like fun! okay why do boys do that picture thing. Eliott and I always go back and forth on that. His is animals and landscapes. Seriously I can't scrapbook all the pictures of mountains. and i will only keep pictures of animals if our kiddos are in it. what's the deal!! I am impressed that you posted them though!

KacieFlake said...

Derek and I went to one too. I thought it was great!...I brought Eclipse from the Twilight series to read during it ;)

Jen said...

funny: "um... no." :)