Sunday, November 2, 2008


Griffin has been trying hard to put in additional phrases while praying, along with the usual -- "Thank you for this day", "Bless Jason and Todd" (family missionaries -- even though Jason is home :), "Help us to be good", etc.

Kai, on the other hand is just trying to get the basics down. He does really well repeating what we say, but when it's left up to just him, all we get is:
"Heh-ye Fadda -- Anem"
(And, no I didn't spell AMEN backwards on accident, that's how he says it.)

Tonight during prayers, Griffin went ahead on his own and Kai, not waiting for his turn, joined right in saying his "Heh-ye Fadda - Anem"... "Heh-ye Fadda - Anem" ... "Heh-ye Fadda - Anem" ... "Heh-ye Fadda -Anem"..... over and over and over until Griffin finished.

It would probably be ten times better if you could actually hear him saying it. Oh well, it was funny to us.


the MomBabe said...

That's so cute! I love prayer time for exactly that reason.

Danielle said...

CUTE! Both of my kids repeat what Caleb and I are saying during a prayer, so we end up with a surround-sound effect. Of course, if we ask them if they want a turn and try to prompt them, they won't say a word.

The Browns said...

That is adorable! I can't wait till Elizabeth starts talking in sentences!

Rob said...

sounds like latin! maybe he's super gifted.

Brenay Family said...

That is so cute! I love it when kids are learning to say their prayers! Our 4 year old has started being thankful for all kinds of things I would never think to be thankful for!