Monday, April 27, 2009

Audible Gratitude

Tonight for Family Home Evening, the subject we attempted to teach was that of following Jesus' example.

Jeff followed the song and opening prayer with an object lesson. He made the boys wait in our closet while looping string throughout the entire house. The string represented our Savior's example we've been given. Griffin and Kai held onto the string and were asked questions at various stops along the way.

Before the journey began, and again when we got to the end, it was explained that if we follow Jesus and stay on the right path, Heavenly Father will give us blessings. Our path/string ended next to a package of Oreos.

Griffin and Kai devoured their bowls of cookies and ice cream, practically in silence, enjoying every bite. Griff was done first and while carrying his bowl to the sink, he raised his chin and loudly said,

"Thank you Heavenly Father!!"


Jen said...

that is hilarious!! what a funny sweet boy!