Monday, April 6, 2009

EYE - Carumba!!

Let me just share a little bit of what I went through this weekend..........

It all started Friday night when I thought I had bruised my eyeball. While closing my left eye to satisfy an itch is the first time I noticed the pain. Tender to the touch all along the top of my eyeball. Two hours later it looked like this:

Overnight, there was discharge (I know, gross!) and swelling:

By the next night it was looking and feeling a tad more normal:

I must not have been as careful as I thought because Saturday night and Sunday, my right eye caught the infection. It wasn't as bad. While inspecting both eyes on Sunday, I noticed a little gift to help me remember this unenjoyable ailment:

I have no idea how I aquired this vibrant ruptured blood vessel. During my short spout with pink eye (I think) there was no sneezing, coughing, or heavy lifting that usually causes these.

I appologize to those with weak stomachs.


Jessie Brown said...

Go to the eye doctor. You need medicine.

AIM said...

You need to put a warning on your blog stating that this is simply not suitable for young children- those pictures are gross!!!

Anonymous said...

Could you e-mail me i had the same problem in my eye around that time. and i am still having itchy eye up to this time august