Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Ostrich Farm

Despite worries that our fun would be canceled by weather -- the Ostrich Farm was a success. It was sprinkling when we left Mesa and about 10 miles before we reached our destination, rain poured on us. The thought lingered that even if the down pour had stopped by the time we got there....... mud.

As we pulled up, the sky was clear and the ground, patchy with puddles here and there. HALLELUJAH!!!

Who knows how many times we've driven by the Rooster Cogburn Ostrich Ranch. I'm glad my parents finally decided to actually GO IN on their last trip and then take the whole family back this past Saturday.

You pay $5 per person (5 and older). This fee gives you a bug cup of feed for the deers, ostriches, and miniature donkeys....... along with a cup of nectar for the Lorikeets. The ostriches were pretty much impossible to feed by hand without injury, but the deers were very gentle and easy to feed. The Rainbow Lorikeets were both fun and scary. As soon as they see and smell the nectar..... WATCH OUT ..... birds with be swooping and swarming like you wouldn't believe landing all over your arms. Some unlucky visitors were pleasured with bird feet on their heads and left with more than just 'happy little memories' on their minds. We all had a lot of fun!!! Thanks Mom and Dad!!!