Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Pat's Run 2011

I promised a follow up of Pat's Run and gave a hint of possibly updating this blog better with at least some favorite photos taken recently.
I have not done this and I'm sorry.
Not that any of you are hanging on the edge of your seat waiting for my next post, but I like to pretend.

I ran this race last year and did better than I thought I would, with there being so many people.
This year there were even more runners registered!!
So many that they had to have "corrals". Each corral held about 1000 runners and there were at least 28 of them. Corral 1 started and then #2 started 30 seconds after them, and so on. There were still people waiting to start when the first runners came in!

Jeff and I both ran it this year along with Jeff's brother, Shaun.

My friend, Jess, raced. As well as some of our other "Lightning Bolts" teammates.
It's so fun to go through training and races with friends rather than by yourself!

Here's the link for the results if you need proof but...

Carolyn Gardner #1081

Mesa, AZ
Age: 30 Gender: F
Clock Time27:58
Chip Time26:44
Overall Place150 / 22512
Gender Place5 / 11534
Division Place2 / 3358
Crazy!! I beat last year's time by 43 seconds but I never thought that would get me a spot on the leader board. 5th female out of 11,534!........ What?!!

Jeff was running more for the cause and a recreational activity.
He did really well for someone who doesn't even like running!

Jeff Gardner #3081

Mesa, AZ
Age: 31 Gender: M
Clock Time50:13
Chip Time39:01
Overall Place5985 / 22512
Gender Place4281 / 10978
Division Place1344 / 3057
Maybe we'll bring Griffin next year to run the kids' race of .42 miles. He's a speedy little guy!

Pat's Run 2012, here we come!


Scott+Tiffany said...


Jasmyn said...

AWESOME JOB!! Hey, did you see that when we first checked where we placed it was different than a few days later? I think I first checked and they showed you as 10th, and then a few days later when I was checking someone else I saw you on the Leader Board in #5. I wonder why they had it wrong the first time???

The Gardner Gang said...

Thanks Jaz! We're not sure why it was different. We think they had just listed everyone according to the clock time and not their chip time. Either way.... 5th or 10th, I'm happy.

Jillian Crockett said...

Wowzwer!! You are totally awesome! 5th place is pretty amazing! Jeff did pretty good too for hating running! Love you guys!

P.S. I am always waiting anxiously for your next post. I check it everyday sometimes even twice a day!

The Gardners said...

Holy Smokes... Your one speedy lady! Way to go!!

Annie said...

Freakazoid! That's great!