Monday, November 17, 2008



Oh man !! What would we do without Jill. She is the best sister anyone could ask for. Beautiful, sweet, caring, funny, great sense of style (with enough clothes to share), spiritual,

lickable.... ....I mean LIKEable.
Willing to share -- her glasses.
She's always willing to help and be there for me and my family.
Love ya Sis!!! I couldn't have asked for anyone better.


Anonymous said...

Check out my clevage!! Woohoo it does exist!! Nice camera work Griffin!! Thanks for the post Carolyn! (and the ice cream pie, and the froot loop jewlery and the crown and the night at the movies (HM3) and the phone call with song!!) YOU are the BEST friend/sister!! Love Ya!!

Holly Janeen said...

AMEN... Jill IS the best!!!
and she obviously VISITS your blog... but doesnt have her own- HELLO JILL!!! its me... Holly Richardson... and you better start blogging so i can stalk you!!

anyways... Jill rocks house.
i have so many fond memories of being Franklin Firebirds together.